Maths for adults: vediamo il corso prodotto dalla B.B.C.

Maths for adults: choose a topic area.

Numbers Use number lines, decimals and negative numbers

Calculation Add, subtract, multiply and divide

Percent and fractions Work out parts of amounts

Measuring Use the best tools and units of measurement for the job

Shapes Work with area, scale drawings and 3-D shapes.

Graphs Use graphs and tables to communicate information

  • Numbers
  • Become more confident with numbers by learning about place value, rounding and estimating plus other useful skills.
  • Calculation
  • Learn the basics of calculation, from addition and subtraction, through to solving day to day problems.
  • Percent and fractions
  • Learn how to master both percent and fractions, as well as ratio and proportion
  • Measuring
  • Learn how to measure everything accurately, from length and distance, through to weight and temperature.
  • Shapes
  • Learn all about 2D and 3D shapes and how they can be used for different jobs.
  • Graphs
  • Learn how to collect data and display it in a graph, chart, list or table.